The Application Of Technological Enhancements In Vehicle Safety

When you get behind the wheel of a car, you are literally putting you and your loved one’s lives in your hands. Some joke saying it is more probable that they die in a car accident than in an airplane crash, but sadly, this is true. Actually, when you take the wheels in your hands, it is not only you who is responsible for the lives you carry. Every other driver in the road who drives irresponsibly is also a reason behind the disasters.

Statistics And Scientific Results

There is no way a person without a pilot’s license and a set number of hours of flying experience take that wheel. Nevertheless, is it the same when it comes to vehicles that drive on roads? Sometimes, parents are so careless as to let their underage kids drive. Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should be allowed to. Australia has been ranked at 14th place out of 34 OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries which have now slipped to 17th place, sadly due to the increase of fatalities in the road.

Detecting Drowsiness

In Australia alone, 20% of the accidents happen due to drowsiness or fatigue of the driver. This has reportedly cost close to more than 3 billion dollars every year. Not only the driver of that vehicle but also drivers and passengers of oncoming traffic also are obviously at risk due to a person at the wheel dozing off. With the development of new technologies and AI or Artificial Intelligence as well we other general computer-based techniques, cart manufacturers now research how to reduce this occurrence. They have successfully tested methods such as blue light and ways to tell when the driver is dozing such as jerking off the road or uneven driving.

Misplaced Attention

Some men answer the phone when driving; some SMS or chat. Some women try to apply makeup when driving. Comic as some of these may sound, they are utterly dangerous. For this, some vehicle manufactures came up with voice command option and hands-free like choices when and if it is mandatory that you answer the phone while driving. For example, the Jeep Compass consists of an advanced voice command option which allows you to not only answer the phone but also listen to music. You can even change environmental features. You can do all this without taking your hands off the wheel or taking your eyes off the road which is the most important thing.

Speed Monitoring To Lessen Possible Accident Occurrences

Speed kills. It has been proven with many painful fatalities of not only our own family members or loved ones but also more than several famous people as well. The new built-in speed monitoring in the vehicles use the GPS (Ground Penetrating System) technology to triangulate the position of your car as opposed to others’ and calculate the speed; consequently, they will warn the driver if he is driving too fast. Modern “dash cams” or cameras that are kept in the dashboard of the car also can “view” a car going up ahead and see how closer it gets and warn accordingly. Also, they can see if you are violating the road lines.

Safety of whoever is driving as well as whoever are there as passengers is very important. Some car brands are known specifically for their safety features. Even if not, using what is technologically available to enhance the safety features of a vehicle is prudent in this day and age.


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